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One of the best ways to evaluate training is to examine its fruit. How have real people made it work for them?

The goal of this case study is to take a look at a website which is the fruit of a training program called How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites by Nick Usborne.

The website is called City Girl Farming, and is created by Kerrie Hubbard.

Meet Kerrie

Kerrie loves raising chickens, eating healthy food, using essential oils, and watching sunsets. Actually, it was cancer that brought her to the point of appreciating these things. So now she wants to share what she’s learned with others, and encourage them. What better way than her own website?

What is City Girl Farming About?

Buff Orpington
As Kerrie says on the Welcome page, “If you love collecting eggs from your backyard, getting your hands dirty in the garden, learning more ways to be connected to your food, and living as toxic-free as possible, you’re in the right place.”

Gardening, raising chickens, etc. have become more popular in recent years, as people try to make wise health choices and also help out their family budget.

Kerrie’s hope is that her website will answer people’s questions about growing food in their own backyard, as well as help them in raising “city livestock” (particularly chickens). She adds some delicious recipes, and tips on utilizing and preserving the produce that you grow.

My First Impressions of City Girl Farming

Since we also have chickens (15 of them right now), as well as three ducks, two horses, a burro, and three dogs, Kerrie’s website resonates with me.

I almost want to say, “Who doesn’t like chickens?” But I know there are probably a lot of people who don’t have any kind of warm spot in their heart for chickens.

But that’s just it.

One thing about a good website is that it will attract people who are interested in a particular subject.

Besides chickens, another thing I love about Kerrie’s website is …

You feel like you get to know her.

She explains why she created City Girl Farming, and tells about herself in a very personable way. The way she writes sounds like she’s talking with you at the kitchen table.

How Does City Girl Farming Do in the 4 Key Elements?

In order to make money with a website, there are four key elements that must be there.

It might seem pretty obvious, but these are the four things that are most important to look at. They are: Niche, Website, Traffic, and Monetization.


Kerrie has nailed this. The name City Girl Farming clearly describes her niche. Her website definitely attracts the type of people she’s trying to help. Like I said, people who like chickens … and gardening … and eating healthy produce that they grow themselves.

More specifically, her website is for the subgroup of people who like to do this kind of stuff, but who don’t have much land. They live in a city, town, or suburb.

Money-Making Websites (MMW) places great importance on helping you find the right niche and topic for your website — one that is a good fit for you, something that other people want, and that has potential for profit.

MMW also helps you come up with a great domain name that fits your niche and topic.


Kerrie’s website is very welcoming to visitors. It makes you feel happy.

I love the look of the website theme she chose. It’s clean, inviting, not cluttered.

Her photos are clear, crisp, relevant, and arranged nicely. She uses subheadings to break up the text and make her posts easier to read.

She gives lots of helpful information. It is easy to see categories to click on and explore. And it is easy to link to various parts of her website for further information.


This is a really important part of being able to make money with a website. Without much traffic, you won’t have many sales.

I don’t know how much traffic Kerrie gets to her site each day, week, or month. But she has some social media buttons that give some clues regarding engagement on her site.

The number of shares and pins, etc. that she’s getting is impressive!

She has an amazing Facebook page that goes along with her website, with thousands of followers! Four days ago, one of her Facebook posts had 69 reactions, 184 comments, and 253 shares!

Kerrie has been interviewed on another website —Hello Homestead. This gets her name and website out there even more, thereby continuing to increase traffic.

So how does this relate to the training program that she used?

Money-Making Websites puts an emphasis on getting engagement through social media, and Kerrie has done this.

I wondered why I didn’t see comments at the bottom of Kerrie’s posts. Then I took a look at the flagship money-making website of MMW’s instructor, Nick Usborne — it’s called Coffee Detective.

He uses a very interesting approach to getting comments. He has a special page on his website dedicated to questions from readers. Anyone can submit a question there. He then compiles a huge list of questions, turns them into pages of their own, answers the question on a particular page, and invites readers to comment on that question as well.

Although not everyone who goes through the MMW training takes up this practice, I think it’s very impressive!


Making money is the motivation for a money-making website.

MMW emphasizes primarily two methods of monetization.

One is Google AdSense. The other is affiliate links.

Kerrie uses affiliate links, and also adds some extra monetization methods of her own. For example, she sells products on Etsy, and links to her Etsy store through her City Girl Farming website.

She very naturally incorporates products that she is recommending, into her website. It doesn’t come across as salesy at all. She really is just sharing her knowledge, and giving people the opportunity to benefit from various resources.


Kerrie has done a great job! It makes me and the chickens happy!

So if you are considering learning How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites, I have some really good news —

You can get the program, go through the training and create your own website. Either you’re going to make money at it or you can get a full refund up to one year after you purchased it!

There’s nothing to lose!

4 thoughts on “City Girl Farming – A Money Making Website

  • February 25, 2019 at 9:36 pm

    I can relate to Kerrie who runs City Girl Farming. I also started a website after a Cancer diagnoses. What a great review of her website. Sounds like she has her niche down pat.

    She seems like a person I would like to get to know better. I always feel great when I hear people fighting back from a deadly disease and overcoming it. Not only overcoming it but to come back winning at life.

    Kerrie sounds like this type of person.

    • February 25, 2019 at 3:40 pm

      I agree, Jagi! I also had cancer back in 2010. I am so thankful to God that I am still here, able to see my kids (ages 20, 18, 16, and 15) growing up!

  • February 25, 2019 at 9:37 pm

    Congratulations to Kerrie for building a really great website!  She reminds me a lot of my little sister, who likes the same things and has chickens too.  My sister isn’t a city girl though.  She live on a couple of acres in the country.  Here where I live we’re only allowed 2 chickens on our property.  I’ve been tempted to get a couple, because in the summers we have a problem with crickets and such, and the chickens could eat them, but I’ve also got a dog and I worry about the dog killing the chickens, or the neighbor’s cat, which gets over the privacy fence all the time.

    I hope Kerrie is making money with her site.  There’s a lot of work involved to get there, and I wish her the best.  And thanks, Danette, for your review of her site.  It inspires me to work harder on mine.


    • February 25, 2019 at 3:50 pm

      Your comment makes me laugh! We have 3 dogs. One never bothers the chickens. The second used to, but my husband taught her a lesson one day, and she’s never terrorized a chicken since. The third dog is just a year old and hasn’t learned that what’s amusing for him is NOT amusing for chickens. We try to keep the dogs and chickens separated by a fence, but every once in a while he sneaks through the gate when someone has it open to take a wagon through…and scares the poor chickens half to death. You can imagine fifteen chickens going in all different directions, and all the squacking! We’ve always caught him before anything really bad happened. Then we try to remember to put him in his crate when we’re bringing a wagon through the gate.


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