Kidazzler Review – It’s Not What You Might Think

What do people think of Kidazzler? I have seen two extremes, as well as a more balanced view in the middle.

My goal in this article is to help you to see that balanced view. In order to do this, it’s helpful to know what the extremes are. (If you have no idea what Kidazzler is, please look this over first.)

One Extreme Thinks It’s a Scam

I actually wrote a whole article on how I know Kidazzler is not a scam. (That was even before I had received any payment.) But here are some points that you might see people try to make… along with the reasons why these points are not valid.

They think the founder is anonymous.

He’s not. His name is Alex Rehman.

They think Kidazzler might misuse your bank account info. 

You can choose to be paid through PayPal or Venmo. I chose PayPal. If at some point Kidazzler allows people the option of direct deposit instead of PayPal or Venmo, that will be an option. No one is ever required to provide their bank account information.

If you do any type of business online, how do you get paid? I personally would rather get paid through PayPal than have a company mail me a check.

They think Kidazzler won’t pay.

They say Kidazzler probably wants people to just do all the work for them, and that they won’t follow through with payment. But Kidazzler does pay. In fact, I have already been paid by them!

The first time I received payment from them, it was for being a contest winner.

The second time was a monthly payment for businesses that I “locked in” and which then decided to advertise with Kidazzler.

Next month, my earnings may still be $20 or it might be more.

They think the numbers don’t add up.

That’s because they don’t have all the numbers. I read what someone had posted on the internet about the numbers, and it was like they were setting five 8-oz glasses on a table and attempting to pour a gallon of milk into them. Of course that doesn’t work. It’s not a good idea to come to a conclusion without all the information (i.e. all the glasses).

So here’s the information about numbers –

First of all, there is a difference between Potential Earnings and Actual Earnings.

When you “lock in” a business under your name by entering basic info about that business, your Potential Earnings amount goes up.

Then Kidazzler will contact the business. (You don’t do anything other than enter the information.)

When a business that you have locked in decides to advertise with Kidazzler, that business becomes a “member,” and some of your Potential Earnings turn into Actual Earnings.

How much for each business that becomes a member? Well, that depends on who locked in the business.

If you locked in the business, and it becomes a member, you get $10/month.

If your friend locked it, and it becomes a member, you get $2/month.

If your friend’s friend locked it, and it becomes a member, you get $0.25-$1.00/month.

This last amount varies (from $0.25 to $1.00), depending on how many friends you have.

If you have 15 friends, then it’s $0.25 for your friends’ friends’ businesses.

If you have 30 friends, $0.50 on the friends’ friends level.

If you have 50 friends, $0.75.

And if you have 75 friends, $1.00.

Below you can see screen shots of my Potential and Actual Earnings so far.

Your Potential Earnings have no cap.

Your Actual Earnings, however, cap out at a maximum of $4,800/month.

The higher your Potential Earnings, the greater the likelihood of reaching $4,800/month in Actual Earnings.

For example, if you have a potential of $9,600/month, and only half the businesses entered by you, your friends, and your friends’ friends become members, your actual earnings could be $4,800/month (depending of course on the ratio of how many businesses were your own, how many were your friends’, etc.).

Also, there is a cap on how many businesses you can lock in yourself. Each month, on the 15th of the month, that cap goes up by 5 businesses. Right now, at the beginning of June, you can lock in up to 65 businesses yourself. On June 15th, it will go up to 70. On July 15th, it will go up to 75, etc.

So the numbers do add up. No problem there.

Oh, one other thing about numbers. Let’s say you and your spouse both want to do Kidazzler. If you’re getting close to $4,800/month in Potential Earnings, how about helping your spouse get up there?

The Other Extreme Thinks It’s a Way to Earn Money Fast

They get impatient when they don’t earn money right away. 

The best analogy I can think of to explain earnings with Kidazzler is a snowball. It starts small. You might even have to wait for enough snow to fall. But the snow is coming down! And several snowballs have already been made, with more to come! My snowball is $20 wide right now.

When you start rolling a snowball, it picks up more snow. You don’t have to try to hold onto what snow is already there. It’s going to stick. You just watch the snowball get bigger and bigger as it rolls along.

Of course there could be a little snow that happens to fall off the snowball. Maybe the snowball rolls over a twig sticking up and some snow breaks off. There might be a business here or there that starts advertising with Kidazzler and then stops, or even goes out of business. But overall, I do believe the momentum is going to be making the snowballs bigger as time goes on.

It’s just that it doesn’t all happen right away. Snowballs don’t fall from the sky. It’s a process.

They get jealous when they see others earning money or winning a contest.

I think what causes this kind of problem is a focus on individuals rather than the team.

Kidazzler is very much a team. The founders designed it in such a way as to give people an opportunity to earn from referring kid-friendly businesses to other parents, and to help parents find businesses that would benefit their family, and it helps businesses to get the word out to parents about what they have to offer.

It’s a community working together, building something together that they can all benefit from.

Yes, there are contests. But the contests are meant to encourage people to work toward a goal. The best way to enjoy a contest is to do your best, and be happy for those who win.

And the fact that people are starting to get paid for businesses that become members should be an encouragement to everyone else that their time is coming.

A More Balanced View

Kidazzler is the real thing. They are working hard to build this, and to do right by everyone who has trusted them and put time into finding kid-friendly businesses. They really pay. They really answer questions. And they really care.

Building this directory of kid-friendly business for the benefit of parents is a big undertaking and will take time. Yes, it is a good way to earn residual income, but it certainly won’t come all at once. Work and patience need to go hand in hand.

I do hope and anticipate that my earnings will go way beyond $20/month. But I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up artificially. I will work hard, let people know that they can probably earn a little extra income each month if they give it time, and encourage them to BE PATIENT! Kidazzler has thousands and thousands of businesses to contact! They are working hard to make our hard work pay off. But whatever you do, don’t quit your day job!

Some Valid Questions to Ask

Remember, if you’re not quite sure how Kidazzler works,
please read “What is Kidazzler About?”
(Just click here.)
It will help a lot!

Is Kidazzler Worth My Time?

You may be thinking that it would take a lot of time to enter 65 businesses. Well, yes and no.

First of all, it will take you a while at the beginning to enter all the businesses you are allowed to enter. And right now that number is 65. But then you can only enter 5 more per month, so that doesn’t take much time at all.

Secondly, it will take you more time at this point than it would have taken a few months ago. That’s because many businesses have already been taken. But there are still a lot of businesses left to be added!

I would give a rough estimate of 15 minutes per business. It could be more, could be less. The two things that will take the longest will be 1) finding a business that hasn’t been locked yet, and 2) finding their email address. (If you can’t find their email, don’t make one up. Just leave it blank. Kidazzler will still contact them; it will just take longer.)

To help you know exactly how to find businesses and enter the data, read this.

Would I Have Help If I Need It?

There are three ways that you would get great help:

1) I would personally be so happy to help you! You can message me on Facebook, and ask any question you want. If I can answer it, I will.

Here is an example of how I was able to help someone on my team recently. (Really fun to see this happen!)

(Note: When you lock in a business, and include their email address, Kidazzler automatically sends them an email inviting them to claim their listing. When a business claims their listing, it means they have verified the information you entered for them. Businesses that have claimed their listing are top priority for Kidazzler in terms of contacting them to invite them to become a Member. So it’s pretty exciting to get this notification!)

2) There is a Kidazzler Facebook community page where you can interact with a whole lot of other people, including Kidazzler staff. Great encouragement and answers to questions!

3) If you haven’t gotten your question answered in either of the first two ways, you can contact Kidazzler Support and they will be happy to help you.

What Countries Is Kidazzler In?

Right now, Kidazzler is only in the United States and Canada. They hope to expand to other countries in the future, but don’t have any dates for that yet.

Remember – It doesn’t cost anything.

If you have any spark of interest at all, just take a minute and sign up. Then message me on Facebook. I’ll help you in any way I can.

It takes hardly any time to sign up, no money at all, and you have this whole opportunity available to you. You can put as much or as little effort into it as you want. You just have to stick your foot in the door!

Yes, I’ll give it a try!

8 thoughts on “Kidazzler Review – It’s Not What You Might Think

  • June 4, 2019 at 3:55 pm

    Wow! This is an interesting post you have up here. To be honest, I have heard a lot about kidazzler and mostly, they’ve been negative comments and reviews. The first thing I like most about your review is the fact that you presented other views before juxtaposing the truth. To me, kidazzler seems very legit and surely a worthy platform to get bits of cash in at the end of the months. Thanks for this opportunity clarified through your review.

  • June 5, 2019 at 12:40 am


    An excellent and thorough article on this service/opportunity.  I’m not even sure what to call it, but you definitely laid out everything negative that’s been said about this Kidazzler and countered it logically.  So nice job there.  I’m now kind of curious so I’m going to go check it out.  Thanks for your honest opinion and logical arguments!  I hadn’t heard of this one before, negative OR positive.

    • June 4, 2019 at 5:50 pm

      You’re welcome, Selenity. Please take a look at the other articles I’ve written about Kidazzler as well (also on this website). Let me know if you have any questions.

  • June 5, 2019 at 12:52 am

    Dear Danette,

    I was amazed on the opportunity offered to parents by Kidazzler and how they can earn money for just referring business (Locking businesses by entering the business details) & referring friends. Although the concept sounds great I want to know whether Kidazzler is a genuine company or scam and your review post is a greater help.

    Thanks for sharing your income proofs which adds more value to this review post and I am happy to know that this is a legit business opportunity.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and there is no need for additional research. You left no stone unturned in explaining how it all works and covered all the details. Kidazzler is on my list!

    Much Success!


  • November 30, 2019 at 10:03 am

    I’ve been part of Kidazzler for about a year! I’m grateful that I am part of this and can’t wait to see it progress in the next few months!!

    • November 30, 2019 at 10:14 am

      Me too! I’m so thankful for the vision of the founders of Kidazzler and all their work in putting this together, and I’m so excited for the next few months as it launches and grows!


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