Selling Baby Clothes Online

First off, I want to say, what you are about to read is not the only way to sell baby clothes online, but I do think it’s a good way.

I have three reasons for writing this:

1. To give you helpful information that is specifically related to baby clothes and to people who would want to buy them.

2. To give you some basic steps to take in selling all kinds of things online.

3. To let you know how you can get help at each step of the way, whether you want to sell baby clothes or something else, through Wealthy Affiliate.

So let’s get started…

The “Why”–Why Baby Clothes?

The reason I chose baby clothes as an example here was basically because it randomly came into my head. And I like babies. And, after it came into my head, I researched some keywords, and it seemed to be a good idea.

If you really wanted to do this–to sell baby clothes online, you wouldn’t have to have a grand reason for starting out on this path. You wouldn’t have to be a fashion designer or raise nine kids first.

But, you would have to have enough of a reason why, to keep you going, and going, after you got started.

So here’s the important thing. It has to be about more than just baby clothes. I mean, I think you’d go nuts, or quit, if that’s all it was.

I am not saying, “Oh, don’t forget strollers and car seats, too.” I guess you could sell those, too, if you want to, but really that’s the furthest thing from my mind right now.

It’s not about selling more stuff than just baby clothes. It’s about who you’re selling to. No, actually, it isn’t that either. It’s about who you’re helping.

So let’s get into the “Who”.

The “Who”–Who Wants the Baby Clothes?

Who needs baby clothes?

Babies, of course! But they’re not the ones with the VISA card.

Okay, parents. And who else? Grandma and Grandpa. Aunties and Uncles. Friends. Godparents. Maybe older siblings. Etc.

Now…you need to think about who you specifically want to help. Which of these people do you want to focus on?

Let’s just pick “Grandma” as an example to work with here.

So you’re selling baby clothes online. But you’re thinking more about Grandma than about the baby clothes.

The “What”–What Does Grandma Need/Want?

We already asked, “Who wants the baby clothes?,” and one of those people was Grandma. So it might seem that the obvious answer to “What does Grandma want?” would be BABY CLOTHES!

But…think again.

Maybe Grandma is waking up in the morning thinking, “I need to buy some baby clothes.” Or maybe not.

Maybe she is thinking her back hurts. But if she is thinking about her back, we’re not going to fix that for her. Sorry. We can’t do everything. Her back doesn’t hurt because she has grandbabies. Her back hurts because she tried to move something heavy yesterday.

Maybe she’s thinking about visiting her daughter and son-in-law next month when their baby is due. Maybe she’s thinking about her role as a grandma. Not about clothes or toys or burping cloths. But about love and cuddles and building relationships.

What kinds of things could you say to Grandma that would encourage her or help her in her role as a grandma? What needs might she have, or what kinds of questions might she be asking, related to being a grandma?

Those things are the “what.”

And some of the “what” will naturally include things she would want to buy at some point in time. And some of those things she would want to buy sometime would include baby clothes.

I hope that makes sense.

The “How”–How Do You Put This Together?

I’m going to list the basic steps here, and then I’ll go back over them one by one and say a little more about them, starting with #2. (We already talked about #1, but I just wanted to include it as part of the list.)

1. Think about who your audience will be, and what they need or want.

2. Start a website/blog.

3. Research keywords.

4. Write articles.

5. Monetize your site, and get traffic.

6. Get paid.

As I go through the steps, I will let you know how Wealthy Affiliate can help you with all of this.

(If you set up even just a free account with Wealthy Affiliate, I would earn some money. But I wouldn’t be telling you about this at all if I didn’t sincerely want to help you. I have spent so much time myself looking for a real stay at home business, and I’m so excited to have finally found it — I want to share it with other people!)

Here are the steps in a little more detail.

Start a Website/Blog

Start a website that you can use to speak to grandmas about what’s important to them. As part of your help to them, you can provide them with great ideas for baby clothes and other things they may want.

Having a website usually means you have to decide on a domain name, purchase it, and find a hosting company to host your site.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to purchase a .com domain right away. You can get a domain name free of charge, get your website up and running in less than a minute, start working on it, and then purchase a .com domain whenever you feel ready to choose a domain name. At that point, it’s super simple to take the site you’ve been working on and transfer it to your new .com domain.

You can do some searches on to see whether your domain name ideas are available. (I don’t want to list any possibilities here, because if I gave an idea, and someone used it, then it wouldn’t be available anymore.)

And speaking of getting your website up fast, I’m serious.

I’m not a master of websites. You may know a lot more starting out than I did. But from my experience, what took me hours before, took only seconds with Wealthy Affiliate. Big difference!

Research Keywords

Search keywords related to information that Grandma may be looking for. These keywords can then be used as subject matter for articles you will write.

A keyword doesn’t have to be a single word. It can be a phrase or even a question.

There is a really neat tool called Jaaxy that lets you search keywords. You type in a keyword, and Jaaxy tells you the average number of people that search for that each month, how many websites are already targeting that keyword, whether it would be a great keyword to use, etc.

I searched some keywords that might help you to help Grandma, saved some of the good ones to a list, and sorted the list by average number of searches.

Here is the result.

Avg: “The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.”
Traffic: “Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines.”
QSR: “Quoted Search Results: The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.”
KQI: “Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is great, Yellow is OK, Red is poor.”
SEO: “A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1-100, higher = better).

You can sign up for Jaaxy on your own. Or Wealthy Affiliate includes access to Jaaxy. With a free Wealthy Affiliate account, you get 30 searches on Jaaxy. With a premium WA account, you get unlimited Jaaxy searches.

Write Articles

Now that you have a keyword list started, you can write articles based on these keywords.

Write like you’re talking to Grandma. Don’t try to sound academic. Just be yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great writing platform that helps you format your articles. There is also detailed training and a very supportive community. You can get a quick answer to whatever question you may have as you learn and as you write.

Monetize Your Site, and Get Traffic

One of the best ways to start making affiliate sales is by becoming an Amazon Associate. It’s very easy to get approved by Amazon. Then you can choose products on Amazon that you want to promote on your website. Include the links in what you post on your site. People can click through and order if they want to. You’ll get a commission directly from Amazon.

Here are some other affiliate programs for this niche. You could search for even more, and join as many as you want to.

Finn + Emma




Once you have some affiliate links included in the articles on your site, you’re ready to get traffic.

Getting traffic might seem like a tall order. Apart from some guidance, it could be hard to even know where to start.

But, once again, Wealthy Affiliate to the rescue! I can honestly tell you that the training on Wealthy Affiliate breaks it down into manageable steps and makes it a lot simpler than it would otherwise be.

Get Paid

As you gain followers, you will start seeing income.

Serve your audience well. Stay aware of their needs and questions, and keep writing things that would help them.

You will see the money not only come in, but increase.

And one of the added bonuses of being part of Wealthy Affiliate is that you get to join with many others on the same road, learn from those who are further along, and celebrate each other’s successes!


I sincerely hope this has helped you to think about how you could help people and get paid at the same time. I know I’m really enjoying it!

6 thoughts on “Selling Baby Clothes Online

  • July 20, 2018 at 5:03 pm

    Hi Danette; Your post is the first of its kind that I have ever read. I liked it. Your writing style is so unique. Designed to help grandma to feel comfortable.

    Is this post Niche an audience of Baby Clothes or both baby clothes and Wealthy Affiliate?

    I notice where you said Wealthy Affiliate Premium members get free unlimited jaaxy search, is that what you get?


    • July 21, 2018 at 12:45 am

      Thanks, Dorcas. I appreciate your comment. 

      As far as audience, that’s a very good question. My broader audience, for the website as a whole, is people who want to work from home. (I find it particularly easy to relate to moms, but it’s not just limited to moms.)

      For this particular post, I am speaking to those who would like to sell something online, as their way of working at home. So I chose baby clothes as an example. When you sell a product to people, you need to focus more on the people than the product. In this example, you could focus on Grandma, and meeting her needs, in part through helping her find baby clothes. 

      I really believe that Wealthy Affiliate can help people to sell products to their own targeted audiences online. Wealthy Affiliate is so people-oriented, both in the WA community itself, and also in their philosophy that you need to produce good valuable content for your readers.

      In selling other products online (other than baby clothes), there would be a slightly different twist for different products. But in each case, there should be a focus on serving people. I hope to convey this attitude of service in what I write, and even in my recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. WA is the best way I know of to help people if they want to have an online business (whether it be selling baby clothes or anything else).

      Regarding free unlimited Jaaxy search, yes, this is one of the benefits I get as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member. From what I understand, it has just been in the last year that it went to “unlimited,” and it’s so helpful!   

  • August 7, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    This niche would have never come into my head but I see that it is quite popular. I mean, parents and grandparents love their children / grandchildren very much and are always looking for clothes and other stuff, because babies grow so fast. So what that means is that there definitely is a demand for it.

    Thanks for the great idea! 🙂

    • August 9, 2018 at 6:44 pm

      You’re welcome. There are so many niches out there that we don’t even think about — so many possibilities!

  • January 22, 2019 at 6:13 am

    Thank you for this post. I think this niche is great for affiliate marketers because baby clothes is a specific item for a specific age group. It is important to have a focus group for niche to make it easier to focus on thing at a time rather than a broad group. 

    • January 22, 2019 at 7:55 am

      Yes, I hope this shows how easy it can be when you have a specific niche. And there are countless niches. A person could just pick an audience that they really want to help, write lots of content, and make a great website.

      I actually found a niche that I’m so excited about that I’ve spent a lot of time building a website for it in the last few months, and I need to get back to this one again soon, too!


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