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(My son, David, wrote this. He is also doing Kidazzler.)

Are you looking for a way to earn money online, where the pay gets bigger and bigger as it grows over time, like a snowball rolling down a hill?

If you are, Kidazzler is just right for you!

It isn’t a lot at the beginning, but if you’re patient, it will start piling up in a matter of time.

Basically, all you have to do is just go online and find places that parents would like to take their kids to. Places like restaurants, ice cream shops, candy shops, toy shops, museums, amusement parks, arcades, etc.

Next, you go to your Kidazzler login and dashboard, and type in the info of the places you’ve found, so that Kidazzler can ask those businesses if they would like to be members in the new directory for parents.

If no one else has already suggested those businesses to Kidazzler, they will be “locked” under your name. If someone has already locked a business that you try to enter, then a message will pop up, as soon as you enter the phone number, to let you know that it’s already taken.

If any of the businesses that you locked in, respond to Kidazzler, wanting to be members, then Kidazzler will pay you $10 per business per month.

There is a limit to the number of businesses you can lock, but that limit will increase by five, every 15th of every month. The current limit is 85 businesses. That should keep you busy! That means you have a potential to make $850 per month from Kidazzler.

Plus, after you sign up, you will have an invitation code that you can share with others any time. If you invite others, then for whoever signs up under you, you also get some shared revenue. For every business that becomes a member, and has been locked in by one of your friends, Kidazzler will pay you $2 per month.

It’s starting to happen – people are already getting paid!

Hopefully, you’re excited by now!

If you’re interested in joining, I would like to encourage you to do so. Go for it!


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